DIY Concrete Countertop Workshop

Discover how to Customize Your Kitchen Countertops with Concrete

You need this workshop if YOU......

#1   {WANT TO SAVE TIME}   We've done the research for you.  You may want additional resources to further customize your countertops but you won't need to start from scratch. 

#2   {NEED HELP PLANNING}   We provide checklists to help you gather your tools and materials.  There are also helpful questions that you should answer before starting your project.   

#3  {WANT TO SAVE MONEY}   Time is money.  Our planning steps will save you time and our checklists will help you only buy the things that you will need which will save you money.

#4   {WANT TRUSTED SOURCES}  We recommend specific tools and companies because we've worked with them and they have quality products.  We take the guesswork out of your project.  

#5   {LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE}   We explain why we made certain decisions and help guide you to the best decision for your custom kitchen.

#6   {VALUABLE TIPS}   Since we are DIY enthusiasts, we are able to pass on tips that we learned along the way.

#7   {LOVE ORGANIZATION}   We bundled up all the information you will need in one neat workshop.  

Let our workshop be the stepping stone to creating your customized concrete countertop.

Course Curriculum

{Appendix 3} Care & Maintenance
{Appendix 4} . Interview with Family that Poured Countertops Off Site

What's included?

12 Videos
2 Texts
15 PDFs
1 Download
Sandy Vargo
Sandy Vargo
Creator of Pink Tool Girl's School for DIY

About the GIRL....

At my core, I'm a teacher with a love of creating awesome projects and sharing them with anyone who is interested! Designing these online courses for you has been an exciting way for me to share tips about amazing DIY Home Decor and Home Improvement projects while allowing "YOU" to learn at your own pace and in your own home.

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