Create an Acrylic Calendar that matches YOUR home decor and fits your space perfectly!

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How to create a DIY CUSTOM ACRYLIC Calendar

This course is PERFECT for anyone who wants to use a calendar in their home or office space but have it ADD to the decor and be the centerpiece rather than an EYESORE!

BENEFITS you will get from taking this course:

  • Short and Simple VIDEO Tutorials of each step
  • PICTURES to further explain each process
  • Downloadable WORKSHEETS to help you decide what size and color will match your decor 
  • CHECKLISTS to help you organize and gather your supplies
  • TIPS AND suggestions to help you customize your calendar to your style & function

School for DIY provides a UNIQUE approach to DIY projects.  

Each class is available in video, audio, and text!

Our courses give suggestions for your design.

We guide you through specific tools and supplies you will need for this project and provide a downloadable CHECKLIST!

SCHOOL for DIY provides solutions for you! 

Need Help with your next DIY PROJECT?  While I'd prefer to sit and chat with you over tea and talk DIY- I can't always make a house call.  So, I've bundled up what I've learned and neatly laid it out for you to follow.  

Don't let SCHOOL scare you- this class is fun, simple, and will have your house complete with an ACRYLIC CALENDAR that is a showstopper in your home.

Need some CLEAR instructions and EASY to follow steps?

PLUS get CHECKLISTS to help you prepare your project & stay on task!!!

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Your Course Includes!

5 Videos
9 Texts
4 PDFs
9 Audios
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Sandy Vargo
Sandy Vargo
Creator of Pink Tool Girl's School for DIY

About Pink Tool Girl

At my core, I'm a teacher with a love of creating awesome projects and sharing them with anyone who is interested! Designing these online courses for you has been an exciting way for me to share tips about amazing DIY Home Decor and Home Improvement projects while allowing "YOU" to learn at your own pace and in your own home.

How will this course help you?

This course will help you design an acrylic calendar that will help you, your business or family stay organized PLUS our customizable tips will make it stand out in your home or office decor.  

If you love DIY projects, then you are my friend already.  I'm looking forward to you joining the class!

$19.99 (Seriously, I can't wait to start!)